Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!

Robert Pattinson
Photo by Splash News
Robert Pattinson, 2010
Happy birthday to my future husband (though he doesn't know it yet) Robert Pattinson!

The heartthrob turns 24 today (is it possible for me to just stop aging for a couple of years and let him catch up to me?).

Sigh. I remember five years ago when he first hit the scene as hot jock Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies. Lucky for us, he hasn't changed too much:


Robert Pattinson
Photo by Splash News
Robert Pattinson, circa 2005
That sexy, chiseled jawline of his has gotten more defined and his thick, wavy hair just seems to get better as he gets older. Okay, I've gotta stop, I'm gettin' all hot and bothered over here.

RobPat's been super-busy lately promoting for the third Twilight installment, Eclipse, but hopefully he'll take some time out to get his birthday boy party on.

Happy birthday Rob!

Do you think he's gotten better-looking as he gets older or do you like younger Rob better?

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