"Daria," "Legion" -- New DVDs for Mom's Night In

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It can be so hard for moms to get out to the movies ... what are the latest DVDs finally available to buy or rent so you can see what all the hype is about? Check out our picks so you can be the first one at Blockbuster.


I thought I'd be the only one excited about this, but the MTV animated series Daria is finally available on DVD, and it's selling and renting like gangbusters. When this series debuted in the mid-'90s, everyone thought Janeane Garofalo voiced the bespectacled, sarcastic main character, but that was a myth. Daria was her own young woman, and her high school experience was both hilarious and oddly touching. So great for nostalgia or to share with daughters who feel like outsiders themselves!

Toy Story 2: Special Edition
A new version of the amazing sequel to Toy Story features a sneak peek of the upcoming Toy Story 3. Is it worth the price of a new DVD? Unclear, try again later.

This is barely out of theaters, where it didn't do so well -- but if you love vampires, plagues, and zombies and hate Twilight, you should check it out. Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill, and Willem Dafoe star as vampires and vampire-hunters in a zombie-like world where a plague has turned most of the world into blood-suckers. Freaky!

The ads for this scared the living crap out of me, but maybe you like crazy angels who inhabit the bodies of humans and turn them into demon-like monsters. Agh! If you can take it, the story is absorbing and thrill-a-minute fun, and the cast includes the always-good Dennis Quaid and Lucas Black -- you know, that kid with the cute accent from Sling Blade.

Classic Movie:

Rock n Roll High School
As cult classics go, this is -- let's face it -- a horrible movie, but a beloved one for Ramones fans. This special edition is packed with extras, including all-new interviews with Roger Corman, PJ Soles, and Clint Howard, among others (and if you know who they are -- then you're obsessed like me and should have this in your library), plus outtakes, original ads, and a special introduction. With talk of a remake buzzing around the Internet, you should make sure you have the original.


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