Facebook Wants Betty White to Host Oscars

Betty White Facebook Fan Group
Photo from Facebook.com
At the ripe ol' age of 88, Betty White seems to be Miss Popularity this year. After a successful run at getting her to host SNL (which was awesome, by the way), another Facebook group has emerged to try to get her a hosting gig for the Academy Awards.


The page has already generated over 21,000 members since launching on Sunday, even if she poked fun at us Facebook addicts during her SNL monologue, saying, "I didn't know what Facebook was. Now that I do know what it is, I have to say, it seems like a huge waste of time."

Oh Betty, I heart you.

Heck, why stop at the Academy Awards? Why not go for president? White for 2012! Oh wait ... there's already a group for that too.

Betty White for hosting the Oscars? What do you think?


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