Hope Dworaczyk Isn't Just Nude in "Playboy," She's Also 3-D

hope dworaczyk 3d playboy
Photo from Newser
3-D movies and 3-D TVs are all the rage -- so why not 3-D porn? The June issue of Playboy features a 3-D centerfold of Hope Dworaczyk appearing to hold out a wineglass to readers ...

Am I the only one chuckling at the thought of dudes looking at nude models in a magazine wearing 3-D glasses? It's a visual I sort of wish I didn't have.


I dunno, I'm having a hard time getting excited about a 3-D magazine no matter how naked it may be. Now, How to Train Your Dragon in 3-D is awesome! You feel like you're flying. But a 3-D piece of paper? Meh.

Seems like Hugh Hefner is pulling out all the stops in order to boost sinking sales of the magazine: A few months ago, there was the Marge Simpson centerfold, now there's a 3-D Playmate.

I'm both shuddering yet curious to think what the next new Playboy gimmick will be. (Eh, but you don't care -- you only read it for the articles, right?)

What's your reaction to a 3-D centerfold?

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