Miss USA Racy Photos: Donald Trump Responds

Donald Trump speaks out regarding the outcry over the photos of scantily clad Miss USA contestants, as seen in this super-classy video.

Trump defended the "Waking Up in Vegas" photo shoot, which resulted in the freshly f***ed prostitute look for the Miss USA contestants. Trump says, "Whoot! Pant, pant. Rrrrrrrr!"


Umm, actually ... The Donald admitted the photos might have gone too far, "but the girls are incredible."

As Julie pointed out, wasn't this why Carrie Prejean was disqualified?

Clearly the Miss USA organization is embracing its edgy, slutty beauty pageant rep. Donald Trump is spectacular at making money and sex sells. And it seems like there are plenty of wannabe models lining up to take off their clothes.

Sigh. We still have Miss America.


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