Christina Aguilera Croons About Cunnilingus

Be careful who's around before you click on this link to Christina Aguilera's new song "WooHoo," which was recently leaked from her upcoming album Bionic.

If that's not enough to make you blush, well then you must be ... someone I'm not, because wow! And while Aguilera isn't the first to croon about cunnilingus, with this one, there's no attempt at beating around the bush (sorry).


"You know you really wanna taste my woo hoo/You know you wanna put your lips where my hips are, kiss my woo hoo," she sings.

It's a catchy tune, no doubt, and I've told you before that I like running to explicit music. So "WooHoo" may just make it onto my playlist where I can blush away while I run, and everyone will think it's from the energy I'm expending.

But I do think it's a bit of a desperate publicity stunt to release a song like this. Aguilera has such an incredible voice that she really doesn't need to stoop to such levels.

What do you think of Christina Aguilera's new song, "WooHoo"?

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