Twitter Hacked! I Have 0 Followers ...

twitter hacker

Twitter users -- including a slew of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher (above), Tori Spelling, and Conan O'Brien -- were horrified after a Twitter hack wiped their address books clean this afternoon.

I know how exactly how Ashton, Tori, and Conan feel: For more than two hours today, I had 0 followers instead of 60, and honestly, I thought the world as I knew it was ending.


I also felt bad about my recent posts poking fun at Michael Lohan for claiming that someone hacked into his account and wrote unspeakable things about his daughter, LiLo. Obviously, Twitter hacks are a dangerous threat out to get all of us!

Alas, Twitter spokespeople explained the confusion, stating: “We identified and resolved a bug that permitted a user to ‘force’ other users to follow them." Since then, Twitter accounts have been fully restored, celebrities once again have their trillions of followers, and Michael Lohan is still a liar.

Was your Twitter account affected today by the bug?

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