The 10 Sexiest Rockers Over 50

Photo from Splash News
It's hard to believe, but U2 frontman Bono turns 50 today; he's celebrating tonight with a huge party in New York City.

I've had a not-so-secret obsession with crush on him since I was 14 years old, and now, a million years later, I think he's just as sexy.

Here are nine other rock stars who've lived more than a half-century and still make our pulses quicken ...


9. Paul McCartney, 68: English singer-songwriter and member of The Beatles is considered by some to be the most successful musician of all time; plus, he's a knight, and knights are sexy.

8. Tina Turner, 71: The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll has legs and still knows how to use 'em.

7. David Bowie, 63: Once, I saw Bowie eating in a restaurant; I can confirm that this dude is just as -- if not more -- hot in real life as he is on TV.

6. Cher, 64: Pop singer-songwriter has a rockin' bod and flowing locks that any woman would kill for.

5. Bruce Springsteen, 61: Well into his sixth decade, The Boss is easy on the eyes and has a raspy voice that oozes sex.

4. Joan Jett, 52: True, Kristen Stewart was picked to play the young version of Jett in a movie (The Runaways), but this sexy singer still looks damn good.

3. Steven Tyler, 62: No argument here: Aerosmith's lead singer is and always will be hotttt.

2. Sting, 59: All his talk of tantric sex just made this singer and former Police member that much more appealing.

1. Madonna, 52: Thanks to a healthy macrobiotic diet and regular exercise and yoga, The Material Girl looks better than most women half her age.

Who do you think is the sexiest musician over 50?


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