Victoria and David Beckham Fighting Over Fourth Baby?

victoria beckham david beckham
Photo from Splash News
We've been seeing a heck of a lot of Victoria Beckham lately, and not in a motherly fashion. As Posh Spice strips for the camera it seems the last thing on her mind is getting pregnant again and having a fourth baby.

Apparently David is a little pissed off about this.


The buzz is David is looking for a baby girl -- and soon. Victoria isn't ready, and furthermore has a few vanity issues to work out.

Not sure what she's worried about in that area, clearly her personal trainer has made her bod bounce back after those three boys. What's one more going to do to the skinny, big-boobed star?

Regardless, the Beckham's aren't getting any younger. If they want a fourth, it's time to take away the goalie.

What do you think? Should the Beckham's go for a fourth baby?

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