Jennifer Hudson's First Mother's Day -- Exclusive Interview

jennifer hudson
Photo from 7-11
Oscar winner and The Stir's Sexiest Mom, Jennifer Hudson is a busy mama. In addition to raising baby David, Hudson is working hard for the Boys and Girls Club of America where she's designed a coffee cup to raise money for the organization that is close to her heart.

Hudson is also off to South Africa to begin work on the title role in Winnie; the bio pic of South African activist, Winnie Mandela.

I got to chat with Jennifer Hudson this morning, right before her very first Mother's Day. A perfect time for her to gush (and sing! how lucky am I?) about her baby boy, and also talk American Idol.


Happy first Mother's Day!

Thank you!

Do you have anything special planned?

Working and spending it with my baby and David -- both my David's. We're out on the road, but together.

No long massages or breakfast in bed on the road?

That would be nice. I don't think I have time for that, but that would be nice.

What does working with the Boys and Girls Club of America mean to you?

I chose it because one of the first talent shows I ever won was at the Boys and Girls Club. I was maybe 13 or 14, and it's one of my fondest memories. I feel like I'm a product of the Boys and Girls Club, and it helped me on my way. It keeps kids occupied, it gives kids things to do and it helped me achieve my goal.

My coffee cup is in stores now until May 31st. You can go to any 7-11 and get your Jennifer Hudson cup and a portion of the proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club.

What was your inspiration for your cup design?

Peace. It's a candle with the light of peace.

What‘s baby David doing these days?

He is doing everything! He's about to be nine months old and he is the busiest baby.

He just got two new teeth at the bottom. He's trying to walk! He barely crawled at all but as soon as he realized he could crawl, he tried to walk. He can give high-fives. He understands any and every thing you say to him.

He tries to talk and one word he says is, "What?" Literally, "What?" He says mama. He's a very good baby.

Does he go on the road with you?

Originally he would stay at home because I didn't want him flying with me too much. But now he is. I'm getting ready to go to Africa to shoot my next film, so I'm taking him everywhere I go right now so I can get as much time with him as possible before I go.

Does he have a favorite song you sing to him?

He loves music already. He loves it when I sing his little song that I made up. (Sings) "I've got the cutest little baby in the whole wide world. I've got the cutest little baby in the whole wide world."

He goes crazy bouncing up and down and laughing. It's so cute. He loves it when his mommy sings. He's a very happy baby.

Are you watching American Idol? Who's going to win?

You know what? I haven't been watching. Sorry!  I was just on a plane and this man was updating me on the whole Idol thing. But I haven't had a chance to watch this year. Who do you think is going to win?

I think Crystal Bowersox is going to win but you know how it is. You always think you know who the winner is going to be but that's never how it goes.

Mmm, hmmm! That's true. It wouldn't be Idol if it was otherwise.


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