Who’s Hotter: Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie?

Photo from tatler.co.uk
Jessica Alba
graces the May cover of British magazine Tatler looking nothing less than fierce (as Tyra would say). But her photo is accompanied by a somewhat left-field headline that reads: "Jessica Alba takes on Angelina to become Hollywood's hottest heroine."

Celebitchy has some interesting musings about why the magazine may be drawing the comparison, such as both have been directed by Michael Winterbottom (Jessica in The Killer Inside Me and Angelina in A Mighty Heart) or the fact that Jessica talked adoption in her interview with Tatler.

Maybe they just thought it'd sell copies ... who knows.

Regardless of why, the question of who's hotter is an interesting one (and yes, a shallow one too, but it's fun to play along).


My thoughts: Jolie (who turns 35 on June 4) has six years on Alba, 29, but I think Jessica looks much, much younger than Angie. Perhaps it's Angie's extreme thinness that ages her a bit more.

I find Jessica much more likable than Angelina (I still can't quite get over that kiss with her brother and the fact that she wore Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck). But if I'm going strictly on the hot factor, I have to hand it to Angelina; there's just something about her that heats things (and people) up.

What about you -- Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie?

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