Heidi Klum and Seal's Naked Bedroom Photos: Sexy or Strange?

heidi klum seal
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty
This weekend Heidi Klum, Seal, and their family headed to Mexico to renew their wedding vows. Again. Doesn't that sound like something that two people who are madly in love would do?

You know what else two people like Heidi and Seal, who are madly in love, do? Hang semi-nude photographs of themselves in their boudoir. What do you think about that idea -- is it sexy or strange?


On one hand, Heidi is a supermodel who takes semi-nude photos for a living. Also? She's drop-dead gorgeous and has a body that defies the laws of nature. (Seriously, how does she do it after having four kids?) Her husband is also extremely easy on the eyes so I suspect those are some sexy photos. If it gets them in the mood? More power to them.

But on the other hand, aren't there other people who see the photos? When her dad comes over for a visit or when the kids are playing in their bedroom?

Heidi has been quoted as saying: "We're not doing some naked voodoo dancing crazy business. It's just photos! They were not for anyone to see. It's not like we're showing them to everybody. They're in our bedroom."

I don't know. It seems weird to me. Even if your parents are the hottest mom and dad on the planet, I don't think you want to see them entwined and possibly without clothes.

Would you hang a semi-nude photo of you and your partner in your bedroom?

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