Jessica Simpson and Jeremy Renner Dating?

Jessica Simpson
Photo by Splash News
When Jessica Simpson said that she was "feeling out some situations" on The Tonight Show last week, the "situation" that she was referring to was Jeremy Renner.


The two have been seen flirting with each other at parties, and this past weekend, they were spotted going into the same hotel in DC, 30 seconds after each other. Who wants to bet that was Jessica's bright idea? You should wait at least 45 seconds if you don't want people to notice. Clearly.

If the rumors are true, good for her for landing the Oscar-nominated actor. After dating a guy who told the world about her sex skills, and then a guy who dumped her the night before her birthday, she could use someone decent. And Jeremy seems nice enough with his big puppy dog eyes and round face.

So are they or aren't they dating? What do you think?

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