Sophie Turner on Kim Kardashian's Booty: "Mine Is Real"

sophie turner australian supermodel
Photo from Splash News
Kim Kardashian
can't catch a break. Sophie Turner, Australian supermodel/lawyer whom I've never heard of, told TMZ last night that Kim's booty isn't real.

First the Bieb's fans want Kardashian dead, and now there's a poll at TMZ asking who has the better ass. So far almost 40,000 people have voted. Yep, that's how many people are interested in whether Sophie Turner or Kim Kardashian have the winning derriere.

Okay, so I voted too.


Sophie also took on Tiger Woods last December, making lots of "put your putter back in the bag" type jokes. So the girl's got an opinion on everything. You're going to fit in just fine in America, Sophie. Welcome to the paparazzi gotcha moments.

Could a Twitter war be next? Oh goodie.

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