Brooke Mueller Is Paid to Stay Married to Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller
Photo by Splash News
How much would it take for you to stay with an abusive, prostitute-loving, alcoholic husband? $300,000 a year? Hmm ...

Well that's how much Brooke Mueller is getting to stay with her abusive, prostitute-loving, alcoholic husband Charlie Sheen.


According to their prenup, which was recently obtained by Gawker, Mueller gets an annual allowance of $300,000 during their first 10 years of marriage, as well as an appreciating share in the couple's Beverly Hills home.

So, basically, she's being paid to stay married to him. It's like the classy version of prostitution.

Brooke, honey, you need to up your price ... being threatened with a knife and being cheated on have got to increase your value.

Would you stay with someone like Charlie Sheen if you were getting paid that much money? How much would it take (if any at all)?



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