"The Hills": Drug Rumor Showdown

Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt
Photo from Splash News
In case you missed last night's episode of The Hills, I'll catch you up on the crazy.

Heidi unveils her new self, or as Spencer calls it, Heidi 10.0, to a snickering crowd that quickly regains its collective cool and acts like nothing's changed. EXCEPT FOR HER WHOLE FACE.

After giving "surgery hugs" to all the gals, Heidi says she may go under the knife again.


More plastic surgery for Heidi is pretty much the worst idea I heard last night (aside from Spencer's whole crystal obsession), but Mrs. Pratt tossed out the idea of bigger boobs, a size "H for Heidi." Meanwhile, she asked her friends to make sure the girls weren't popping out at the party since she was still a little too numb from surgery to notice and wore a strapless boob-hugging dress. As the Countess says, money can't buy you class.

But the main event surrounded the lamest showdown ever between Stephanie Pratt and Kristin. Kristin decided Steph was to blame for the drug rehab rumors and invited her over to her house to have a rich girl fight. So lots of, "So, what's up?" "Um, about what?" "Do you have anything to say?" "Ummm, no."

Needless to say, another tete-a-tete was in order, so Kristin and Stephanie met at a restaurant to not resolve the issue, as no one would actually come out and say, "I know you spread this rumor to this person." Or "I think you might be on drugs. Are you?"

Always in character, Spencer went nuts on Holly, Stephanie, and his stoner friend Charlie. All the time adorned in calming crystals.

Lastly, Brody was irked that Audrina was hanging out with Ryan Cabrera. But it looks like he got himself his very own rock star, so he must be okay now.

Next week: More crazy Spencer! Hooray for The Hills!

Who do you think is worse, Stephanie or Spencer?

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