Scary Sarah Jessica Parker Photos

Ever since Square Pegs, I've loved Sarah Jessica Parker. I'm a fan, but lately photos of her have been ... a little scary.

She's always been thin, but in these photos (scroll down to the second one), she looks skeletal, and her arms are almost as frightening as Madonna's arms. Muscles are great, but ... yikes.

Speaking of yikes ... have you seen the new poster promoting Sex in the City 2?


I can't wait for the movie, but someone was clearly Photoshop-happy when designing this poster. Sarah Jessica's arms have been made to look lovely, but her eyes appear downright creepy. Is possession by a demon part of the plot?

Not to mention the fact that Kim Cattrall is almost unrecognizable. She looks like her own long-lost cousin ... or daughter.

Do they think we won't notice? Or won't care?

As excited as I am for the movie, the crappy promotional posters and syrupy television commercials are making me prepare myself for the disappointment I fear may come from it.

I hope I'm wrong.

What do you think of the recent Sarah Jessica Parker pics?

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