Chely Wright Reveals She's Gay

Chely Wright
Photo by Getty/Kevin Winter
Since it was leaked that a famous celebrity was going to come out of the closet by way of a People magazine cover, people have been swapping theories of who it might be. So who was it? Country music star Chely Wright.


Okay, not exactly who I imagined (my top guess was Ryan Seacrest), but it's monumental in the fact that she's the first country music star to open up about their homosexuality. 

She's struggled for years, confessing that she tried to pray for change and even contemplated suicide. “I was looking at myself in a mirror as I was about to do it,” she told Access Hollywood. “I just looked at myself and something snapped and I started to cry, and I realized I have too much to live for.”

The award-winning singer-songwriter couldn't have timed it better since both her memoir, Like Me, and her first album in five years, Lifted off the Ground, are being released later this week. However, she's worried that the news will affect her audience. “I may lose my career in country music, that will break my heart, but it’s okay,” she said. “I have a lot of different pieces of my heart that matter and that’s what I’ve come to learn.”

I've always believed that you can't truly be happy if you're not true to yourself, even if you make millions of dollars, so good for her for putting her own happiness first. I'd like to think that her career won't suffer because of this, that people wouldn't stop listening to her music just because she's gay ... but then again, everyone has their own views.

Are you surprised by Chely's news? Would you stop listening to someone's music if they came out of the closet?


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