"Sesame Street" Comes to Your iPhone: App of the Week

Sesame Street iTunes applications
Photo from iTunes
The Sesame Street Workshop has released a slew of new apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that will let you take Abby, Elmo and the gang on the road.

Perhaps you can pull out the iPhone at the restaurant during your Mother's Day brunch while you enjoy your mimosa.


In addition to downloading episodes (in English and Spanish) for your viewing pleasure, there are three interactive apps I'm loving.

Bert's Bag is a super cute option that requires some iPad/Phone/Touch shaking so your kiddos (or you, hey, who are we to judge?) can find out what Bert's keeping in his bag. Spoiler Alert -- you will find bottle caps at least once.

Rosita's Jump Count is the perfect way to entertain your pre-schooler as they jump along and count from 1 -- 100, in English and Spanish. There's nothing my daughter loves more than jumping (unless it's watching a "show," or eating a cupcake . . .still, she loves jumping) and since she's learning Spanish, this app is going to be a massive hit.

Teaching your kiddos to count is, of course, The Count. You can download CountTV and get nine episodes to count along with using the remote control.

Bert's Bag ($2.99) -- iTunes

Rosita's Jump Count ($1.99) -- iTunes

CountTV ($2.99) -- iTunes


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