Conan O'Brien Gets Serious on "60 Minutes"

A bearded Conan sat down with 60 Minutes and let it rip since he's no longer under a gag order from NBC. Coco told Steve Kroft how he felt about NBC, his newfound freedom, and Jay Leno in the interview we've all (okay, I've) been waiting to hear.


Conan, looking a bit beat down, said he has no regrets about what happened during that tumultuous Tonight Show debacle.

I'd have to agree that he played it smart. Giving in and slinking back to his old time slot would be demeaning, and it does appear he's leveraged the widespread support into what will surely be a wildly successful act.

When asked how it feels to be moving from network to cable, as he starts his new late-night show on TBS in November, Conan pointedly mentioned the freedom he'll be gaining. Also, he remarked, Stephen Colbert isn't complaining about being on cable. Touche, Coco.

I, for one, can't wait to see what he does when he's out from under the thumb of "the man." The masturbating bear could seem downright antiquated this time next year. Seems like a win for Team Coco to me.

Are you going to tune in to Conan O'Brien's new show on TBS?

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