Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston Sing "Eenie Meenie," Steve Carell Leaves "The Office"? and More

  • Justin Bieber's new video "Eenie Meenie" features none other than rapper Sean Kingston. And despite my attempts to boycott the floppy-haired child, I'm finding it quite catchy -- wouldn't you agree?
  • Yesterday day we joked about The Office ending and WHOOPS, I think we may have jinxed it! There's a rumor going around that Steve Carell (in an interview with Tina Fey about Date Night) said that next year will probably be his last year on the hit show. We can't imagine this show without him -- does this mean the show is ending? -- IGN Entertainment.
  • Itching to get a glimpse at the fashion in Sex and the City 2? New photos from the movie featuring Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda -- all dressed to the nines -- give the term "glamour shot" a whole new meaning. -- PopSugar
  • Movers were spotted unloading furniture into Sandra Bullock's Louisiana home. Looks like Bullock might be moving in with baby son, Louis! -- E! Online.
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