Kids Reenact "The Hills" and "Jersey Shore": Hilarious!

The Hills reenactment
Photo from Babelgum
Need a laugh? Then check out this Hills parody from Babelgum, starring little kids in the place of Audrina, Kristin, Justin Bobby, Brody, Spencer, and Heidi (though Heidi is sometimes in the form of a Barbie doll).


They absolutely nailed it; I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Audrina never makes eye contact: Check. Spencer acts like a child: Literal check. Lo: Wait, where's Lo? Oh, that's right, she never really plays a part anyway.

And ... wait for it ... there's a Jersey Shore one too!

Jersey Shore parody
Photo from Babelgum

They slapped brown face paint on some kiddos and reenacted the fist-pumping, juicing good times from the shore.

Check out the videos ... trust me.

Did you watch them? How funny are they?! Which kid's character was the best?

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