Eminem's "Not Afraid" Is First Single From New Album

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty
's upcoming album is called Recovery, in contrast to his last album, Relapse. In case the message wasn't clear enough through the title, Eminem's first single, "Not Afraid," tells us exactly where the troubled rapper's head is -- and it's in the game.

It's refreshing to hear the strength of Em, as he declares his commitment to stay on the path rather than the ramblings of a confused addict.


Eminem says himself in the lyrics to "Not Afraid" that Relapse was "... ehhh" and promises to never disappoint his fans again.

Slim Shady also stays away from trashing other celebrities and artists on this record, produced by Boi-1da. Maybe kicking the drugs helped to dissipate his crazy Mariah Carey vendetta? We can only hope.

I'm just happy he's working hard to stay sober -- and less puffy. Hopefully that will result in even more innovation from one of rap music's visionaries.

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