Glee's "A House Is Not a Home" Episode Makes Me Cry

Glee was in a melancholy mood last night filled with songs about love, loss, home, and finally reaffirmation in the form of Mercedes' triumphant "Beautiful."

Locked out of the auditorium, the Glee kids need a home in which to practice, Kurt tries to rush his dad and Finn's mom into cohabitation, and April (more Kristin Chenoweth, please!) attempts to move into Will's apartment after he needs to get out due to his divorce.


Great Glee:

Of course, my favorite line of the night comes from Sue Sylvester (in a night of many perfect Sue Sylvester lines) as Kurt and Mercedes discuss dieting to get into prime Cheerios form. Sue: "How do you two not have a show on Bravo?"

Kurt's dad and Finn's mom are in love -- causing upheaval. Kurt sweetly sings "A House Is Not a Home" in hopes of wooing Finn into his family after Finn freaks out when his mom starts to sell furniture to make room for Burt and Kurt. Finn, in turn, sings to his dad's La-Z-Boy to cope with the seemingly inevitable cohabitation. A perfect use of the lyrics: "But a chair is not a house, and a house is not a home."

Naturally, Puck worriedly mouths, "Are you gay?" to Finn during the duet.

But my favorite non-emotionally draining scene has to be as April spies Will at the roller rink and says (into the microphone), "I just had a sex dream about you!" Will can't resist a good duet, they sing Springsteen's Fire, and ... couples' skate!

Can I stop and say how much I love Kurt's dad? Just love, love, love.

We get another spin with A House Is Not a Home as April gives it a mix-up with Burt Bacharach's "One Less Bell to Answer." Whew! Feeling raw after that much anti-Glee. Looking forward to a much less heavy episode next week.

Is Britney going to show up, or what?

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