No Facebook, I'm Not Looking for an Asian Sperm Donor

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Photo from Facebook
Dear Facebook,

I appreciate the idea of tailoring sidebar advertisements to individuals. In theory, it's a great idea.

However, I'm not sure why you think I'm obsessed with finding a guy that resembles The Situation.

I'm also not looking for Asian egg donors.

Thank you.


Not Interested


I'm probably the only person on the planet who pays attention to them, but what's with those sidebar ads on Facebook ... you know, the ones that are to the right of your profile?

They're supposedly filtered to fit whatever is on your profile, and apparently, based on my activity, Facebook thinks I'm a lover of the fist pumps, needs a gym membership, am looking for Asian sperm donors, and am wanting to go shopping for some UT summer gear (though that last one isn't too off the charts).

Is that the kind of stuff people glean from my profile?

Some of them make me laugh, some of them make me realize I need to change some stuff on my profile, and almost 99% of them don't interest me in the least bit.

Look at your profile and tell me what kinds of ads are on yours ...

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