Twitter Hacker Says LiLo Had Sex With Tommy Mottola, Is HIV Positive

michael lohan twitter

Seriously, Lohans, how about taking a day off from all the drama?

This morning Michael Lohan tweeted that his daughter Lindsay Lohan is HIV Positive and had sex with music mogul (and Mariah Carey’s ex-husband) Tommy Mottola when she was underage.


However, Michael told USMagazine that someone hacked into his account: He would never say such things about his daughter.

And I totally believe him because he's always classy and such a great ex-dad.

The feuding father-daughter pair have been in the news of late after Michael brought cops to Lindsay's home "out of concern" for her younger sister, Ali. Afterward, Lindsay tweeted that she is getting a restraining order against him.

I think the lesson here is pretty clear: Don't let any Lohans use Twitter. Who's with me?

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