Tito Ortiz Claims Jenna Jameson High on OxyContin

Tito ORtiz Jenna Jameson
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty
Jenna Jameson
is the latest scandal-struck significant other, as she claims Tito Ortiz threw her into the bathtub after she said something that bruised the UFC champ's ego. Ortiz claims Jenna was high on OxyContin and fell into the tub.

Honestly, can men behaving badly take a holiday?


The Frisky has the latest dirt in this messy fight that resulted in a 911 call on Monday morning. When the police arrived, Jameson had visible injuries. Some fall, huh?

While I wouldn't doubt an OxyContin addiction could be present (and it might explain Jameson's Twitter attack on Kendra Wilkinson), a man who fights for a living is a pretty good suspect in a domestic violence attack. 

Regardless, I feel for their twin boys, who are either seeing drug addiction, abuse, or both in their own home. It's sick, sad, and hopefully with this police intervention, coming to an end. Albeit an ugly one.

Do you believe Tito or Jenna?

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