Lindsay Lohan Fired From Film ... But Why?

lindsay lohan
Photo by Getty/Jason Merritt
Whatever happened to that adorable little redhead who starred in The Parent Trap? Oh, how Hollywood changes people.

We've seen the downward spiral of Lindsay Lohan and her career, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's going to get any better for the troubled actress.

She was recently fired from the film The Other Side, which was supposed to be her comeback to the big screen. Reports say the reasoning was because Lindsay was "not bankable" ... which, when it comes to LiLo, could have a whole slew of meanings.


Here are some possibilities that we're "banking" on:

  • She was being a "Madonna." After all, her upcoming album was supposedly inspired by the pop queen.
  • They didn't want to risk any of their props being stolen.
  • She was ruining all of the costumes because she kept dropping cocaine baby powder on them. 
  • She kept showing up to the set late.
  • The makeup people were tired of covering the cuts caused from the glass bottles that she shattered while throwing them at people's heads. 
  • Because she has a restraining order against her father, Michael Lohan, the production company cut her just in case they wanted to work with him. 
  • She checked into rehab ... again. 

Why do you think Lindsay got fired? Do you wish Hollywood would give her a second (or tenth) chance at stardom?

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