What Caused Bret Michaels' Brain Hemorrhage?

Bret Michaels
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty
As Poison front-man and reality star, Bret Michaels' fight for his life after a brain hemorrhage could have more to do with existing health issues than the toll of a rock-and-roll lifestyle.

A brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke that has a litany of causes. Unfortunately, the Celebrity Apprentice contestant is vulnerable to more than one of those items on the list.


While high blood pressure is often a leading cause of brain hemorrhage, there's no record that Bret Michaels suffered from that particular ailment. However, the singer has lived with diabetes since he was a child, which is another potential cause of stroke.

Donald Trump said on TMZ today that when Bret took a fall on stage last year, he sustained a head injury that could be to blame, which is very likely.

Additionally, Michaels was at home recovering from an appendectomy when he was rushed to the hospital in severe pain. It isn't known if a complication from the surgery could be a culprit.

Of course, using cocaine, smoking cigarettes, and other habits of those who love to rock are also causes.

My senior prom wouldn't have been the same without Michaels' contribution. For this, and many other reasons, I sincerely hope Bret Michaels makes it through this critical time.



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