Justin Bieber Cancels Show After Fans Faint

Justin Bieber cancelled an appearance in Sydney, Australia, after at least 10 female fans fainted and were almost trampled by the crowd.

Once again, I'm at a complete loss to explain why this 16-year-old is the source of so much hysteria: What is it about this little dude that makes fans go so crazy?


The pop star was scheduled to perform a three-song free outdoor gig for Australia's Sunrise morning program. Five thousand people had camped overnight for the event, but the performance was eventually cancelled due to safety concerns, especially after police had to break through barriers to rescue the girls (who were all treated at the scene for minor injuries, thankfully).

Bieber later performed one song inside the television studio (see YouTube clip) -- much to the disappointment of his crazed fans.

I wish I could say this was the first time Bieber fans have acted so unruly, but his November appearance at a Long Island mall was also cancelled after a rowdy crowd of 10,000 showed up to meet him. As a (admittedly) non-Bieber fan, this rioting just sounds utterly ludicrous.

What's with all the Bieber riots -- can someone please explain?

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