How Original Are Your Parents?: App of the Week

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Who knew a Facebook app could diss your parents for giving you an unoriginal name?


How original are my parents? is one of those fast apps you just click, and it tells you if your parents were super-cool when you were born or Lamey McLame-alots. How does it know?

After allowing the app, you select the year of your birth. Based on how popular your name was that year, your parents are then graded on their originality.

Mine got a C- for originality. Which surprised me since I was usually the only April in the room growing up. Still am, most of the time. Other fun facts:

  • April (as a baby name) peaked in 1980.
  • It was the 56th most popular baby name the year I was born, now it's 333rd.
  • Going on statistics only, if I were born this year, my parents would've named me Madeline.

Huh, I kind of like Madeline better than April.

How original were your parents?

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