Faith Hill Starting Her Own Fashion Line?

faith hill
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty
I, like many of you, was wondering what was up when Faith Hill helped picked last night's winner of Project Runway's Season 7.

Now we have our answer. Apparently the country crooner is all about the effort and dedication it takes to make it work and is even open to starting her own fashion line.


Every Tom, Dick, and Lauren has their own fashion line, so why not the lovely and always classy Faith? Hill would design for busy moms, so hopefully I'll like what she's sewing, but I can't help but wonder if it'll be more Nashville than New York.

Still, I think someone who actually is in the business of fashion should've been a final Project Runway judge for Bryant Park. Not just someone who looks good in clothes and thinks she has some good ideas.

Do you think Faith Hill will make a good fashion designer?

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