Cops Storm Lindsay Lohan's Home

lindsay lohan
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty
Trouble's brewing again in the Lohan household ...

TMZ reports that police officers accompanied Michael Lohan to Lindsay Lohan's apartment this afternoon; the entourage was reportedly there to do a "welfare check" on 16-year-old Ali Lohan who was staying with her sister.


Michael told TMZ that he was concerned for Ali after learning that the two sisters "were in a car driving back from Palm Springs at 115 miles an hour." (He had Lindsay's car followed by a paparazzo friend.)

Needless to say, Lindsay was none too pleased about her uninvited guests, taking to -- what else? -- Twitter to spew hate about her "ex-dad's" antics. E! Online has run-down of Lindsay's irate tweets in which she angrily goes off on Michael and even threatens to get a restraining order against him.

And where was Ali through all of this? Well, the cops allowed her to stay with her sister -- so the situation couldn't have been as bad as Michael led them to believe.

Who do you think is a bigger train wreck? Lindsay or Michael?

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