Russell Brand's Stink Hat, "The View's" Gay Bar: Celebrity Tweets of the Week

It was a heady week for celebs on Twitter. Scott Baio and his wife went cuckoopants on Twitter and Facebook ... wow. (Maybe Dr. Drew should do a show about Tweetrette's Syndrome ... you know, Tourette's Syndrome, but on Twitter?) Anyway, here are some much tamer celebrity tweets, just so we remember they're not all nuts.

Or maybe they are! Well, maybe we should just call funnyman Russell Brand adorably off-kilter. Katy Perry wouldn't marry him if he were up to his old shenanigans, right? Anyway ... eyuw! Stink hat!!














I'm sorry, but my comedy instincts tell me Joy Behar needs a rewrite: "There are so many security guards around Biden, The View looks like a gay bar." Anyway, loving this little backstage POV from the redheaded loudmouth (not me):













Weird Al Yankovic takes a break from making spoof videos to take note of a significant Tweet number. The devil made him do it!












Aww! Actress Lisa Rinna's kids play "dentist" too? Come on, this is really cute! For once, I'm snarkless ... though I guess we'll hear about it if she shows up with a real drill?













Oh dear, has talk show host Conan O'Brien been overdoing it with his post-Tonight-show, pre-TBS-show comedy tour? Somebody bring Coco a highball and a smoking jacket!












And finally, the final word on celebs who have Twitter trouble -- stand-up comic Rob Huebel quoting Courtney Love from The New York Times:




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