Does Heather Locklear Need Traffic School?

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty
Heather Locklear
needs to be relieved of her driver's license before she hits more than a sign on an "early Saturday morning," aka "late Friday night."


Two years ago, the blonde bombshell of Melrose Place was arrested for drunk driving in Santa Barbara, and this time she ran up on a curb and hit a sign. Or rather, her car did. Her attorney is claiming there's no proof Locklear was the one driving at the time.

Well, if she had stayed at the scene and reported it, there would've been. That's why she's being charged with a hit and run. She hit, she ran. Allegedly.

Perhaps Locklear needs a refresher in the rules of the road. I'm sure a legally mandated driving school could do the trick. That, or a spot on Celebrity Rehab.

Don't let it get to that point, Heather. Turn in your keys and get some help. Or a driver. Either way, I'd appreciate it if you stayed off the streets since my family is driving around LA too.

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