TV Shows That Need to Take a Cue From "Lost." And Get Lost.

Photo from CBS
You've no doubt heard that the hit TV series Lost (ABC) is calling it quits next month after six seasons. You've probably also heard that in a highly unusual move two years ago, the show's creators made this choice, not the network. Lost producers said they only needed six seasons to tell their story, and then they'd be done.

You gotta admire that. I sure do. I only wish other shows would take the cue and stop beating horses that aren't just dead, but every bit of dust from their dried-up carcasses blew away long ago. Some might of these series might have been great TV when they started, but now they've worn out their welcome.

"What shows do you mean, Cary?" I'm glad you asked.


Survivor -- With 10 years/20 seasons under its belt and more to come, Survivor lives up to its name. This boggles my mind. If you've watched it for even one season, as I did, there's no reason to watch anymore; they're all the same, just with different forgettable faces. Seems like they'd run out of scary places to strand the castaways, doesn't it? Except they haven't done Survivor: Detroit yet.

Law & Order -- Another 20-year veteran that was decent in the beginning, but has been running on creative fumes for years now. The stories have all been told, and the high-profile guest stars are always the villains. Like an old police sergeant whose best days are behind him, L&O needs to collect its pension and retire.

CSI (all of them) -- The gimmick is worn out and the acting is abysmal (COUGHDavidCarusoCOUGH). How many police procedurals can one network air? How about we get rid of all of them?

Desperate Housewives -- I tried to watch it once. Once. I don't know how it lasted one season, let alone six.

Deal or No Deal -- Proof that people will watch anything.

Two and a Half Men -- See above. I bet this show would continue airing even if Charlie Sheen went to jail, which could happen at any time.

The Office -- GASP! Yes, I know, everyone loves The Office. Sorry, I got bored with it after three seasons. I can't be the only one. The Jim and Pam thing ruined it.

24 -- Another show that falls into the "seen one season, seen them all" category. Fortunately, the show's producers announced last month that 24 will end forever next month.

The Simpsons -- I never thought I'd say this, but it's time for The Simpsons to call it a day. The writing went south several seasons ago and the show just isn't funny anymore. D'oh!

All MTV/VH1 series with non-celebs acting like celebs -- Kardashians, Flava, New York, RayJ, Bad Girls, The Hills, Jersey Shore. Who? Exactly.

Your turn -- which shows do you think need to hang it up?

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