Hector Penate: I Had Sex With Larry King's Wife

Shawn Southwick
Photo by Getty/Stephen Shugerman
More news is coming out concerning the Larry King scandal. Apparently, his wife wasn't Little Miss Perfect either. While he was having an affair with her sister, Shawn Southwick was having her own fun.

Hector Penate has come forward and said that he scored with Shawn many times, doing the dirty in Larry's own bed.

Great. Now who the heck is Hector Penate?


A quick Google search told me that he was the Little League coach of their two kids. Ah, so the rumors were true.

Basically, this is the female version of the cheating scandals that have been coming up lately. The icky nobody home-wrecker comes forward with explicit details of the rendezvous with a big-time celebrity's partner. He's the new "Bombshell" y'all.

Judging by how Tiger Woods's and Jesse James's affair scandals have gone, I'm expecting to see a least two more people come forward. Who's next? The pool boy? How about the gardener?

What do you think about this news? Surprised at all?




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