Cameron Douglas Headed to Prison

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty
Even with the letter writing of his father, Michael Douglas, and stepmother, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron Douglas was still sentenced to five years in prison for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines and cocaine, and heroin possession.


While some people are calling foul on the short sentence (usually this crime gets 10 years, but Cameron also will serve in a supervised release program for five years after his prison term), I always wonder about the severity of prison sentences for drug crimes.

Obviously this is a kid who needs help (like thousands of others locked up who don't have the benefit of famous parents). He's not hurting for money, so you have to assume he's got a drug problem if he's pushing. That, and the whole heroin possession. Nasty stuff.

I hope some rehab is in order along with his imprisonment. Otherwise, another addict will be released from prison in five years, harder and certain to become a repeat offender.

Do you think Cameron Douglas got what he deserved, got away with it, or needs to be in rehab instead of prison?


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