Why Is the Press So Mean to Tara Reid?

Tara Reid
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty

Tara Reid, 34, confirmed today in a statement to People magazine that her impending May 22 nuptials with web entrepreneur Michael Axtmann won't be happening. She also changed her Facebook status to single earlier this week.

Poor Tara. The actress -- best known for American Pie, Van Wilder, and other lowbrow comedies -- and Playboy model just can't seem to catch a break.


Reid didn't cite a reason for the split, but I'm sure the mean-spirited speculation will start any second now. In fact, it already has. Which brings up an interesting point -- why is the press so mean to Reid?

Sure, she works a bit of a ditzy persona, but no more so than, say, Megan Fox. But Megan gets away with it, while Tara gets beat down.

And like most of us, Reid just wants to live the dream. "I've always wanted that fairy-tale Cinderella look," she told In Touch magazine when she was shopping for her wedding dress. "There's only one moment in your entire life when you can dress like that, so I want to go over the top. A total princess."

So it is sad, and just like we would for any casual acquaintance, we feel your pain, Tara.

Why do you think the press is so mean to Tara?


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