Celebrity Boobs in the News

Photo by David Becker/Getty
Everywhere I turn recently, some celebrity's boobs are making news.

Kate Hudson's boob job -- or lack thereof -- has been the source of much speculation and commentary. (Either way, they look great, I say.)

The ever-inappropriate Spencer Pratt, however, tweeted about Kate's bust: "Kate H -- get ur money back ... I gotta guy who will hook you up!"


Of course, Pratt's girlfriend Heidi Montag's boobs can't stay out of the spotlight -- or anywhere for that matter -- because they're so enormous after all the plastic surgery she's had. Several doctors recently came out against Montag's procedures and said she'll experience "significant drooping of the breasts" as she gets older.

In gross-but-hilarious boob news, Sharon Osbourne plans to get her breast implants removed and ... wait for it ... give them to her husband, Ozzy, to use as paperweights. She says they're better there "than on my chest 'cause they're awful."

Amy Winehouse seems to have upgraded a LOT in the chest department. On her frail, thin body, I wonder if she's not going to face some serious balance issues in addition to those that are, uh ... chemically induced. At least she'll have ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, with whom she's recently reunited, to catch her ... if he can. 

The very voluptuous Christina Hendricks was recently voted the "Best-Looking Woman in America" by Esquire readers in a landslide vote. More than a few were surprised by their choice.

Not that she's not lovely, but ... it may be safe to say they weren't voting for her eyes.

To them, Hendricks says, "The men who constantly stare at our breasts are never the men we're attracted to."

Amen, sister.

And to end on a positive breast news note, I was thrilled to see that the beautiful breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate is engaged to musician Martyn LeNoble who was by her side during her battle against the deadly disease.

What other celebrity boob news have you been hearing?

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