Gang Starr Rapper Guru Dies, Octomom on Oprah, and More

Crystal Bowersox
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  • Gang Starr rapper Guru died at the age of 43 from cancer. -- MTV
  • My favorite Idol, Crystal Bowersox, who nearly quit a few weeks ago, is pretty pissed that Ryan Seacrest, who talked her into staying, blabbed about doing so. -- Popeater
  • The famed Cirque du Soleil touring show is now creating a show based on Michael Jackson's music, expected to start touring in Fall 2011. Some of Jackson's music was made to do something like this. I bet it'll be incredible. -- Washington Post
  • Octomom Nadya Suleman was on Oprah, and she has given us enough jokes to last a while, including having no idea who Angelina Jolie is, calling herself a pseudo-celebrity, and threatening to call child services on her kids. -- E! Online
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