Green Day's American Idiot on Broadway

Photo from New York City Theatre
Yes, really. I'm feeling a little like I did the first time I was grocery shopping and I heard The Cure's Just Like Heaven on the muzak. Am I old? Am I a sellout? Or is Billie Joe (who just turned 38, btw) a genius for bringing punk rock to Broadway?


Early reviews say the latter is true. (Although the jury is still out on whether or not I'm old.)

Tonight the Great White Way welcomes an interpretation of the bestselling album by Green Day, with a house band that apparently rocks and book written by Billie Joe himself. It makes me wish I was back in New York so I could see who else shows up for the TKTS line.

American Idiot, the musical, follows the album in theme and content. So naturally the lead is a suburban kid filled with angst named Johnny, aka Jesus of Suburbia. I have so many ex-boyfriends (and a current husband) who could've played that part.

In addition to using the music from American Idiot, the album, some of Green Day's newer releases make an appearance on stage as well.

What do you think? Is Broadway ready for Green Day?


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