Sandra Bullock's Sister Speaks Out, "Glee" Wins GLAAD Award, and More

Photo from FOX

  • Gesine Bullock-Prado is denying rumors that she spent Easter weekend with her sister, Sandra Bullock. Tabloids had the two sisters eating Easter dinner at an inn in Vermont; but Gesine blogged that she spent the holiday with her husband in Chicago and posted plane ticket receipts as proof. Phew, glad we got that straightened out! --
  • Kim Kardashian was lambasted by her Twitter fans and PETA for holding a kitten by the scruff during a photo shoot. But according to an L.A. animals rights expert, this type of scruff-holding is permissible for short periods of time. Who should we believe? --
  • Larry King's eighth divorce is like a light bulb -- on, off, on, off. Currently, if ABC is to be believed, it's off, which is sad news for all the single ladies. Meh. -- ABC News
  • Which is more exciting? That Glee picked up a GLAAD award for Outstanding Comedy Series? Or that Madonna is a fan of the show? Let's flip a coin. -- E! Online
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