What Does Jon Gosselin Do All Day?

We've all seen Kate Gosselin hoofing for her family, questioned her motives and made our own personal decision as to whether we love or hate the blonde mother of eight.

Last night on The Tonight Show*, Jay Leno turned the spotlight back on Jon (where has that guy been?) and asked Kate what Jon does to support the family while Kate is dancing, promoting books and landing speaking engagements. Kate was stumped.


Since we haven't seen Jon skanking it up in Vegas or the Caribbean, we can only sit back and wonder. Kate doesn't know if Jon has a job, or as she diplomatically put it, "Not that I know of." Is he a dead beat dad? Is he contributing anything at all to their household income?

Kate does admit that when she's away three days out of the week taping Dancing with The Stars, Jon is taking care of the kids. What he does the other four days out of the week is anybody's guess. So let's speculate, shall we?

What does Jon do all day?

A) Shop online

B) Read gossip about himself, find out of the reporter is hot

C) Plan more lawsuits (Hey, at least that could potentially generate some kind of income!)

D) All of the above . . . if he has time


What do you think Jon Gosselin does with his no-job having self?

*Interview starts 19 minutes into the video.

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