Jersey Shore Ladies Get a Makeover, Zac Efron Sheds Good Boy Image, and More

kate hudson
Photo by Splash News

  • Kate Hudson got a boob job. Fantastic. Now that we know that tidbit, we can asleep easy tonight. I thought she looked great before ... what's wrong with small boobs? -- Us Magazine
  • It appears Zac Efron is trying to shed his singing and dancing good boy image. He's taken the lead in an upcoming thriller called Snabba as a cocaine smuggler. -- Popeater
  • The leading ladies of Jersey Shore got a makeover for a Harper's Bazaar photo shoot. And guess what? They are actually pretty underneath the bumpits and orange skin. -- Silive
  • Steven Seagel has been a perv way longer than we expected. Jenny McCarthy has said that he tried to make her strip during a casting. Ick! -- Popeater
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