John Cusack's Crazy, Kathy Griffin's "Down There" -- Best Celebrity Tweets

It's true, what this Salon article says about celebrities on Twitter: Celebs are carefully manicured in every aspect of their life ... 'til they go on Twitter. Then, unless they've hired an assistant to tweet for them, you get to see them in all their regular-person "glory." Is that why I love celeb tweets so much? Here are my faves this week.

Nia Vardalos, of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, weighs in on Larry King's latest divorce. Kind of a gross thought ... but then again, he is a crusty old thing who likes 'em young. (Then again, at his age, what choice does he have?)











In other ancient celebrity nuptial news, Elizabeth Taylor is getting married for a ninth time, and her former daughter-in-law, Carrie Fisher, has a wistful moment. Ya see, her dad, Eddie Fisher, left her mom, Debbie Reynolds, in a bit of scandalous Hollywood history... Listen, people, if you haven't figured out by now that I'm a pop-culture geek, I don't know what to say.










Hang on! Stop the presses! The wedding is OFF! It was never ON! She loves him with her heart, not her vajayjay. I know, we're all very surprised and relieved to have our lives return to normal.











Speaking of vajayjays ... really, Kathy Griffin of My Life on the D List? Because I think this might demote you to the Z list. Hooboy.










Like everyone else in a 10-year radius of my age, I held John Cusack in a special place in my heart (not my vajayjay). I say "held" and not "hold" because once he joined Twitter, it was so over between us. Here, he asserts, in his own special way, that he doesn't care about spelling or grammar in his tweets, so leave him alone. Um ... done.














All this insanity left me wishing for a bit of normalcy from a celebrity tweeter. Of all the unlikely candidate, comedian Sarah Silverman came through with a simple musing that rings true. Where are all the ponytail holders?












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