Tiger and Elin Headed for Divorce?

Photo by Lori Moffett/Getty
Rumors are spreading like cold sores that Elin is getting ready to ditch Tiger.


First Elin skips the Masters, showing a lack of support for the big cheater. Although it's probably a good thing, with the banner bandit flying disparaging messages over Augusta. Maybe Tiger needs to be shamed as he plans his comeback, but Elin doesn't need that painful reminder plastered across the sky.

Now, TMZ is reporting a house in Sweden recently purchased by Elin is getting a makeover. Perhaps for an imminent return of the native Swede and her two children?

No one could blame Elin for leaving after the massive humiliation Tiger bestowed upon her. I just wonder, why now? Was she waiting for Tiger to return to work without distraction? If so, she's a bigger woman than I.

Do you think it's time Elin left Tiger?

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