"Glee" Gossip and Games!

Like me, the Internets are buzzing about the new episode of Glee airing tonight on Fox (check those local listings!). Here's what's happening and how to make tonight's episode even more entertaining -- as if that's even possible. Gleeeeeee!!


First up, Perez Hilton outs a plot point that slams Jessica Simpson via a voice over by that dreamy but doofy Finn. Ouch!

Entertainment Weekly reveals the names of the celebrity judges for Regionals, which will air in the season finale. Having mixed feelings about the Groban.

Lea Michele was injured while trying to work the Lady Gaga moves, according to E! Online. (That episode, I CANNOT wait for.)

And for even more good times as you Gleek out tonight, play the official drinking game where you'll need to keep a keen eye out for Artie's sweater vest and that guy without a name who only dances. Cheers!

Are you watching Glee tonight?

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