Jesse James Mistress Has DNA Evidence

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty


Note to self: If ever having an illicit affair with famous man, be sure to capture some of the love eruption "just in case." Or not.

But that is what mistress number five, Merilee Gerth did and according to Radaronline, she managed to get $700,000 out of James as a result. In total fairness, Gerth was suing for sexual harassment so I can see why she would go so far to collect some evidence.

While I have no idea what happened between the two (but come on, Jesse James is clearly a total skeeve) I do wonder if DNA was available for the taking, wouldn't that be rape, rather than a lesser charge of sexual harassment?

No matter which crime was committed, it's all awful, disgusting and another blow to those of us on Team Sandra. That woman needs a break! Can we maybe not hear about another sordid Jesse James tale for like, four days? Is that too much to ask?

What horrifying news do you think is coming next from the Jesse James camp?

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