Kitty Kelley on Oprah: Not Exactly A Tell-All

kitty kelley oprah biography; $15

By now, you may heard about John Tesh and his alleged relationship with Oprah Winfrey, but it doesn't end there ... Kitty Kelley's latest unauthorized biography (her previous subjects included Frank Sinatra, Jackie Onassis and Nancy Reagan) sets its gaze on Oprah Winfrey, and her fans are sure to be horrified.

In fact, reading the many interviews Kelley has given in anticipation of today's release is sort of sad. Oprah's father has pretty dreadful things to say about her; if you've ever had a parent turn against you that way, you know how desolate that feels, and you can't help but feel for the woman. Her own relatives don't believe that she was molested as a child; again, that just makes me feel bad for her.


I'll admit, I'm not a fan of The Oprah. Where I might have enjoyed a book deconstructing her cult, this one just feels a little sleazy and gossipy -- but again, that's how Kelley has made her own millions.

Anyway, you can run to the bookstore and read it yourself tonight, or order it on Amazon and have it soon. From the many, many different reports from around the web, here are the sorts of tidbits you can expect to learn:

  • Oprah fans know she gave birth, at 15, to a boy died who within weeks; this book shows his birth certificate. (See what I mean? Who needs that? Yuck.)
  • Oprah once ordered two pecan pies from room service at a hotel, then ate them both.
  • Her mom doesn't have her telephone number; she has to call Oprah's assistant. (Tell me you haven't wished you could do that once or twice.)
  • Kelley found out the identity of Oprah's biological father, something Oprah herself wasn't able to find out from her relatives. (Kelley's not telling -- yet.)
  • Kelley used 2,932 interviews with Oprah, from over the last 25 years, to get her own words into the very-unauthorized bio.
  • At one point, Oprah wouldn't swim in her own pool at her Indiana estate because she feared paparazzi snapshots.
  • She dated Entertainment Tonight reporter and new-age musician John Tesh in the '70s. (Now, that's tawdry.)

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